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The Team

Board of Directors

Shay Bramson


Jonathan Rosen Maman


Amir Yosefi

Board Member

Netanel Rudel

Board Member

Audit Committee

Avichai Abarbanel
Avichai Shaoubi


Netanel Shaler

Executive Director

Jason Greenspan

Community Director

Nitzan Shafir

Joint Venture Project Manager

Itzik Sapir

Center Against Conversion Therapy Director

The Organization

Havruta is a registered non-profit organization (Ref. 580533305) that represents a community body with an elected board. The body is run in a transparent manner and in accordance with the regulations approved by the government registrar of non-profit organizations. The organization is a non-profit organization (non-profit), and has a proper management certificate from the Register of Associations. Also, donations to the association are recognized for tax refunds (section 46a) on behalf of the Income Tax.

Donations from the United States can be made tax-deductible to Havruta through JGive (registered 501(c)3).