English Speakers Group

Havruta's English Speakers Group meets once a month for an inclusive, fun, and social space where we can explore, process, and reflect on topics related to our various identities.

This group is appropriate is for all ages, those in and out of the closet. Meetings take place in Modiin. 

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English Speakers Group event from last week:

There was lots of Smoothie Making and Ice Breaking! The English Speaking group got together in Modiin last week and blended up a great time. In between banana-mango-pineapple shakes and spicing things up with Strawberry Rosés, we listened to great music and played an ice breaker, "speed-dating type" game to get to know each other a little better

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English Speakers group got together last week

Our English Speakers group got together last week and had a great time playing Family Feud. Competing for ultimate bragging rights, our two teams had to work as a "family" to answer questions like: Name the top 7 reasons why a person would make Aliyah and Name the top 5 Broadway shows that you know the entire soundtrack to. With every right answer, the team earned points. With each one that wasn't on the list, they got an "X." Either way, between the game, the food, and getting to know each other better, the night was a great success!

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Cupcake time

Mark, who leads the new English Speakers Group, reports:

Havruta is thrilled to announce our new English Speakers Group. Last Thursday night, 18 English speakers came together in Modi'in for a great evening. We introduced ourselves, some already old friends, some new.

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